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  • : mindszenti, peintre contemporain et poète
  •  mindszenti, peintre contemporain et poète
  • : Toute l'actualité de la peinture et de la poésie de Laszlo MINDSZENTI, peintre contemporain. Ses expositions, ses nouvelles oeuvres sur toile ou sur papier ainsi que tout événement en rapport avec le peintre : ateliers pour enfants, initiations... La peinture du peintre contemporain Anna Mindszenti-Calische, sa fille discussions, échanges à propos des Mindszenti
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24 septembre 2008 3 24 /09 /septembre /2008 18:20
A hymn for the life

The enjoyment to paint is constant for Mindszenti. It comes along with a profound sentiment for the nature the confidant of which he is. The flavours appropriate at the seasons are sublimated on his painting.
Every new exhibition renews a contemplative happiness. The recent paintings of the artist do not break it.  Savoring the ground flavours transposed on the pictorial field, the forms and the colors spring as metaphors which he is careful not to dilute in a radical abstraction. Animals, characters, flowers join a space without prospect (perspective). His intuitive sensibility thwarts the laws of the paint for a poetic  and humurus approach.

Mindszenti invites us to follow its steps in this idyllic world. The allusions are numerous and the game is ceaselessly seen out by an insidious humor.
Broken in the pictorial experience, its more and more free gesture cultivates numerous territories.
Coats of paint overlap and reach a big density. A freshness, a paradisiac breath cross the painting. The color is perfectly mastered. Overalls contrast with the yellow, red, green without ever striking. The light crosses the space in a frontal composition in the vibrating tactile effects. A hymn for the life.

Agnès Grillo

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