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  • : mindszenti, peintre contemporain et poète
  •  mindszenti, peintre contemporain et poète
  • : Toute l'actualité de la peinture et de la poésie de Laszlo MINDSZENTI, peintre contemporain. Ses expositions, ses nouvelles oeuvres sur toile ou sur papier ainsi que tout événement en rapport avec le peintre : ateliers pour enfants, initiations... La peinture du peintre contemporain Anna Mindszenti-Calische, sa fille discussions, échanges à propos des Mindszenti
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19 juillet 2008 6 19 /07 /juillet /2008 08:06

Mindszenti puts on the nature a humble glance,
it is a eye in the middle of the others.
But it is also a glance of love, delight,
because there is nothing more beautiful.
It is also a critical glance tinged with humor.
A true delight for eyes.
Mindszenti is a free man, nothing is forbidden him.
He does not undergo the weight of the education,
the weight of " what we have to make ". 
He has a "trick" in him who allows him to be free.
This "trick", it is its painting.
Laszlo Mindszenti draws its inspiration from the nature.
He is not responsible for its beauty.
It is someone who works seriously, regularly, enormously.
Then, necessarily, he builds something.
He brings of the happiness, he allows to live better.
He reconciles the man and the nature.
He makes us another world live.
He imposes us the peace and the reflection
on our reports with the world.
He shows us his road, he pulls us in the invisi

Agnès Grillo

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