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  • : mindszenti, peintre contemporain et poète
  •  mindszenti, peintre contemporain et poète
  • : Toute l'actualité de la peinture et de la poésie de Laszlo MINDSZENTI, peintre contemporain. Ses expositions, ses nouvelles oeuvres sur toile ou sur papier ainsi que tout événement en rapport avec le peintre : ateliers pour enfants, initiations... La peinture du peintre contemporain Anna Mindszenti-Calische, sa fille discussions, échanges à propos des Mindszenti
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29 mai 2008 4 29 /05 /mai /2008 13:16
OUR SIXTH SENSE: dreams and feelings

Beyond our material and tangible world such as we arrest it thanks to our five senses, exists another world the shape of which we do not still manage to see.

While diving into the own psyche, its own spirit the man has access there.
The feelings and the dreams are the only means to half-open the doors of this universe. Some people call it the soul, the others the spirit.
Only the small death (but they are fleeting, evasive and vague visions) and the death plunge us there totally.

The ways of the dreams and the feelings are impenetrable except for the artists who feed on it.
Mindszenti has this particular capacity to reveal us his spiritual world through his poetry and his painting. He makes us listen sounds, see the forms and the colors of another world.
In this not material universe the laws which govern our world have strictly no value. The space and the time do not exist there.
Agnès grillo

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