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  • : mindszenti, peintre contemporain et poète
  •  mindszenti, peintre contemporain et poète
  • : Toute l'actualité de la peinture et de la poésie de Laszlo MINDSZENTI, peintre contemporain. Ses expositions, ses nouvelles oeuvres sur toile ou sur papier ainsi que tout événement en rapport avec le peintre : ateliers pour enfants, initiations... La peinture du peintre contemporain Anna Mindszenti-Calische, sa fille discussions, échanges à propos des Mindszenti
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17 mai 2008 6 17 /05 /mai /2008 14:01

Mindszenti always defined himself as a French painter and a Hungarian writer.
In 1956, he had to leave his country after the events of Budapest. Inhis pockets : a harmonica and poems.
In the 60s, he translated his papers into French, what led him towards the publication of two books: " jade Poems, former Poems " in 1972 (which obtained Grand Prix of Poetry of the Labor union (Syndicate) of the journalists and Writers) and  " Barbaric frenzy " in 1975. Following it, he dedicated himself completely to the painting.

We dance our dances around
Let us dance, sounds, in rounds,
To skip of shadow in shadow
Our dances are so good
Our feet already beat the back of banks
Dance livers, turn pupils, chuckle muse
We muse already encircle cedars
Faster, higher and more
We are prisoners of new charms
Our sexes rear, magnificent birches
This drum, as it growls out well
This old man's choir, as it thunders well
Owl, owl, hô
Our feet are furious
It is the devil who beats the meadows
In pleasant rhythms.

Budapest, on 1953

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